Abby Johnson for Polish media: “It’s an intense battle to fight” [OUR INTERVIEW]

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Abby Johnson. author of the book "Unplanned", on the basis of which the film of the same name was made.

About the book and film "Unplanned", the situation with the protection of life in the USA after reverse the Roe vs Wade judgment and the judgment of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal prohibiting eugenic abortion, in an interview with Piotr Motyka, for the Polish Media Narodowe portal, says former Planned Parenthood employee, now pro life activist, Abby Johnson.

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Piotr Motyka: What is the impact of the book and film “Unplanned” on the protection of life in the United States and in the world?

Abby Johnson: I don’t know what the impact of the book and film are on the United States and the entire world. I only know that thousands of people have either read the book and have seen the movie and taken action within their own communities to pray for the end of abortion and to volunteer at pregnancy resource centers. It’s been an amazing journey since I left Planned Parenthood in October of 2009, one that God has led very intentionally.

Piotr Motyka: What is the current situation with the protection of life in the USA after reversed Roe vs Wade?

Abby Johnson: Instead of a battle at the federal level, now each state will decide the limits, if any, of abortion. So now instead of one fight, there are 50 fights to protect life from the moment of conception. More than half of states already have some protections in place and others, like California, are paying for ads in other states in order to bring women there for abortions.

It’s an intense battle to fight but we are trying to make sure that as many women as possible know they have options other than abortion and that we are here to help them. Our hotline at Loveline has seen astronomical increases from women asking for help during their unplanned pregnancies and we have been able to help them with needs like housing, childcare, car payments, clothing, and other necessities.

Piotr Motyka: Two years ago, the Constitutional Tribunal in Poland banned eugenic abortion, what does this sentence mean for the international movement for the protection of life?

Abby Johnson: I hope all abortions are made illegal. You can’t pick and choose which babies are to be protected and which ones are to be terminated. All are precious and have inherent dignity.

Piotr Motyka: Piotr Motyka: Thank you for the interesting interview and good luck in the fight to protect of life, God bless you and US.!

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